Do I have to commit to a long-term membership?

No, you can change your membership or cancel at any time.

How do I get paid from my music sales?

When someone purchases your music on the customer is directed to make the transaction via PayPal. You can withdraw when ever you want.

Can I give away music for free?

Absolutely, you can allow unlimited free downloads for any music you specify.

What kind of music can I sell?

You can sell songs, singles, albums, EP’s and you can also sell production track licenses for beats, beats with choruses, vocals, and full top lines.

What files do I get?

Depending on the licensing tier you select, this may occur. At the very least, each license will include an MP3 file. WAV and Trackouts/Stems are two options that some licensees include in their service. Before adding a license to your cart, you'll be able to see the exact files that will be provided.

How do I know what license I need?

You should first decide what level of popularity you envision for the song and how frequently you anticipate it being streamed online. Next, consider if you'll need MP3, WAV, or Trackout/Stems files to record your music. Once you are aware of this, you will be able to choose a license with ease after seeing a list of all the terms for each license.

Can I monetize my song?

Without a doubt, we support it. The terms of usage will vary from producer to producer, but generally speaking, they will all permit you to generate money from the song you create using their beat. Simply register a publishing split between you and the producer to ensure that the right individuals receive payouts. Normally, there is a 50/50 publication share, but for complete information, please read the licensing agreement before making a purchase.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to sign up and use the site to listen to beats, make playlists, and interact. Every producer has their own set of rates, license tiers, and license agreements for licensing beats. You can check all the pricing and terms before you make the purchase if you simply browse our enormous selection until you find the ideal beat.

What can I use the beats for?

The majority of licenses on Musicosinc are recording licenses. This means you are licensing the beats to use to record a new song and make a music video. While this is the case for most licenses, some licenses will include using the beat for other content like video.

If you are looking for licenses for sync or gaming, please contact the seller directly.

Why Buy From Musicosinc?

You are aware of what to expect
We make sure you understand what you are getting and provide all pertinent information up front, including the files you will receive and the license terms. Never again arrive unprepared to the studio!

Try before you purchase

To help you decide if the rhythm is perfect for you, thousands of beats are available for free download.

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